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Date: April 11, 2024

Tags: Bitcoin core, Security enhancements, P2p

Category: Core dev tech

From virtu’s presentation

  • Distribution of nodes in ASes is low
  • 8k reachable clearnet nodes / 30k unreachable
  • A contributor has different statistics that show a lot more nodes, not sure which numbers are (more) correct. These numbers are would mean that some of the simulations are already a reality.
  • Most nodes from Hetzner and AWS
  • Shift compute and bandwidth to nodes in small ASes
  • Unreachable nodes cannot sustain ten outbound connections


  • Ignore AS for blocks-only connections?
  • ASMap could not be so effective for nodes running in big AS
  • Extra connection from a node in same network
  • Simulations should consider eviction logic
  • Do not protect outbound conns if we have more than one outbound connection for that ASN
  • Update contrib/seeds/README.md to recommend kartograf instead of getting file from sipa’s server