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Introduction to Bitcoin Edge Dev++ and Bc2

Speakers: Anton Yemelyanov

Date: October 4, 2018

Transcript By: Bryan Bishop

Category: Conference

We will be using two screens. The english will be on the front screen and the japanese will be on the other screen to the side here. We will also be sharing a google docs file for each one in slack. We should help each other and teach better and learn these things. Without further adue, here’s Anton from Bitcoin Edge.

Hi everybody. Welcome to Dev++. It started last year at Stanford 2017 where we trained 100 people. Our goal is that we run Scaling Bitcoin events and we get the development community together and try to explore the boundaries and all the latest technological innovations in bitcoin and we’re looking at what the ecosystem needs and how can we help the ecosystem and how we can help bitcoin. Propagating engineering and technical knowledge and getting more people and more engineers on board and understanding all the principles and all the engineering elements of bitcoin. This is one of the best ways that we can contribute to the ecosystem and how we can propagate the ecosystem. The more engineers there are, the more companies are able to get help and get expertise. Hopefully, then, the less problems there will be. More applications would then be developed on top of bitcoin and layer 1 and layer 2 technologies.

We’ve partnered up with Bc2 conference that is run here in Japan. For scaling, we have access to engineering talent and we have some of the best minds in cryptography and bitcoin. We want to basically setup an event adjacent to Scaling Bitcoin where we can cover things from top to the obttom. Last year’s events are published on youtube. The program development was dynamic. The first day was generic basic information and the second was more advanced. But this year there is going to be an overview of basic material because some people are new to this. By the second day, we are going to be covering very complex topics.

Everybody is on slack. Basically, if anybody has questions, please contact our support staff outside or come to me. Anditto is the master of ceremony for this event and he is supervising this. One of the side effects because we have a mixed speaking audience, we’re going to have two presentations that will be done in Japanese and English. The trainers are all available to answer questions. I don’t think everyone has made it yet- the topics are generic this morning, I think most people will come during the end of the day or maybe just for the second day. I think we’re good to go.