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Human Side Trust Workshop

Speakers: Matt Weiss, Joe Gerber

Transcript By: Bryan Bishop

Category: Conference

We would like to start with a brief activity. In you rprograms, this says design workshop. If that scares you, then we will not be doing trust falls. We will not be forming teams. But we would like to start with an activity. Identify someone around you who you do not know. Keep a mental image of that person in your mind.

Would you trust this person to save your seat? Would you trust them to watch your laptop if you went to get lunch? Would you loan them $15 to grab lunch? In cash? Would you give them your credit card to swipe? Would you trust them to repair the elevator in this building? Would you trust them to keep your deepest darkest secret? Would you trust them with your private key?

yes, no, yes, yes, no, yes, yes, only already insecure private keys

Trust is important. My name is Matt. This is Joe. We are designers at Ideo. We love deep human constructs that are both rational and emotional like trust. We can say whatever we want about trust.