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Speakers: Anton Yemelyanov

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Introduction Stanford 2017



Sorry that we’re running a little bit late. My name is Anton Yemelyanov. I am one of the organizers running this event. Welcome everybody. It’s great to have a lot of familiar faces here. First of all, as you may know, we have ran over the last 2 days, Bitcoin Edge Dev++ where we have trained over 80 new developers that have joined our ecosystem. They have covered a number of topics including ECDSA and discreet log contracts. We’re working as a community to enhance the development and scaling the development apacity of the industry. … I think a lot of people have learned a lot. All of these sessions will be published online in 1-2 weeks time for the intenret community to absorb.

I’d like to thank the planning committee for working together to put together this event. It has been a lot of hard work. We have a lot of interesting material coming up over the next 2 days.

So a little bit about the purpose of scalingbitcoin.org. I am not a public speaker myself, I am an engineer. I have a personal interest in an engineering approach towards the ecosystem towards exploring the technology that is developing and the new.. breakthrough elements of that.

A bit about the purpose of scalingbitcoin.org. What we want to do with this is ensure that bitcoin is aware of the most suitable fastest cryptography and has a process to develop the technical capacity within the development community to safely scale. We want to help continue to innovate and we want to encourage the conversation as to how innovation occurs especially between the layers of the bitcoin system. We have seen the emergence of layer 2 such as lightning network. We want as a community to see how that process takes place. We want a repository of technical information. We want community coordination mechanisms for super-expansion of growth. This place from day one has been for high-bandwidth conversation for the community within itself to figure out development priorities and find common pain points and mutual interests. This is the place where we want to focus on engineering, not politics. We want everyone to have objective discussions from an engineering standpoint.

Please take a moment to review our code of conduct on the website. We have a no video no pictures policy. We would like to respect the privacy of everyone here. With that, I would like to open and introduce our ….

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I’d like to introduce our MC, Dan Elitzer, who founded the MIT bitcoin club. ((applause))

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It’s great to be here. Many of you may not know, but this event did not have an MC originally. At the last minute, the organizing committee decided to insert me in here. Now, it’s come to my attention that some people might think that we need an MC or maybe we need a funnier Mc, a taller Mc, or something. If you don’t like my jokes, then you could try Scaling Bitcoin XT or Scaling Bitcoin Unlimited. If you can’t get any attendees to go then I hear they are going to move their logistics crew across the street. I think they will probably come back. If the market shows that a lot of you wnt to go voer there, then that’s the free market. We believe people should be here voluntarily and choose to participate. The serious thing is that everyone here wants bitcoin to succeed. Everyone was here when the bitcoin price was orders of magnitude lower than it was. Engage with the speakers, they put a lot of time nad effort into these presentations. Please adhere to the code of conduct. We’re trying to find common ground and discuss ideas. We want to focus on the presentations. Just before we get started, as Anton pointed out, there’s a code of conduct, no photos, no videos. There’s a Chatham house rules as well. You’re welcome to talk about ideas, but unless it happens on a recorded session, you must not attribute the idea to the person or who they are associated with. This is in the interest of everyone engaging openly and honestly here.

Speakers, you have 25 minutes. You will see a timer donw here. The 25 minutes includes Q&A time. Please keep to it. I will be coming up here to introduce the next speaker at 25 minutes whether you’re done or not. Please make it easy.